Kornudstyr - Brugte maskiner i Vodskov


Kornudstyr fra Vodskov:

Denne forhandler har endnu ikke indgivet en virksomhedsbeskrivelse.

Hr. Morten Rokkjær
Oester Aslund 1
9310 Vodskov

Flere rubrikannoncer og maskintilbud:
Komplet pillesystem
Komplet pillesystem Ecokraft LP 22

Description Pelleting plant for various materials such as wood, miscanthus, agricultural by-products and waste products (hay, straw, maize straw, wool) Animal feed ..... This is a... ...

Pillepresse Salmatec Maxima 700-100

New rollers for Salmatec 700-10 Bl0dywy2hmb... ...

Pillepresse Salmatec Maxima 700-100

New matrix for Salmatec 700-100 Bf3asieot8 6X85/70 8X85 8X75/57... ...

Pillepresse, pelleteringsanlæg
Pillepresse, pelleteringsanlæg WALW WALW-22 Pelletlinie

Pelleting plant for the production of wood pellets Designation: WALW-22 Pellet line Serial no.: WALW 02072022 Year of construction/first approval: 2022 Production volume: approx. ... ...

Salmatec Maxima 700 pillemølle
Salmatec Maxima 700 pillemølle Salmatec Maxima 700

We offer here a used pellet mill / pelleting press from Salmatec. Model: Maxima 700, year of manufacture 2007, 3 tons with pan grinder cooling, 2 motors a 132 kW. Many accessories... ...

Pillepresse Bühler DPUC

- Pellet pree - Manufacturer: Bühler - Year of manufacture: 2005 Pife3ho782 - Model: DPUC - Electric motor: 160 kW - Dispenser - Electric motor: 11 kW/1,5 kW - Output: 2-2,5 t/hour... ...

Pillepresse ANDRTZ PALADIN PAL 1600 - 170/3R

Technical Details : Year - 2015 Bk2wsj3n2sm Capacity - 2,5 t/h Factory consists : Crusher - Bruks 250 Kw - DM 400X800 K Box for sawdust with movable floors Dryer - 3.5 t/h Boile... ...

pillepresse Bühler PELLET

1.5t/h wood pellet production complete line, dryer, mill, press, packing machine. Chclxpbd... ...

Pillepresse General Dies Alpha 56 Преса за пелети

Sold 2pcs pellet presses GENERAL DIES Alpha 56 made in Italy for up to 4t/hour each. The presses are fully serviced and ready to work. The balers are equipped with a 160kW main mot... ...

Pillepresse Kahl

Kahl pillepresse, ældre model, incl. 4 ekstra matriser med 6 og 8 mm. Styretavle følger med. Nvshehnfxx... ...

Pillepresse Linia do produkcji pelletu + suszarnia Pellet Production Line + dryer NEW PRICE

Due to the need to urgently dismantle the line from the production hall huge price reduction, only 290,000 EUR! Previous price ̶5̶0̶5̶ ̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶E̶U̶R̶! We offer a finished pellet p... ...

Produktionslinje til pellets
Produktionslinje til pellets ANDRTITZ 1600-170/3R

Pellet production line ANDRITZ PALADIN 2,5 t/h Year - 2017 , Only Press 2012 Working hours - 6.600 Exellent condition !! 1. Hydraulick - Electro crane for feeding logs 2. Logs D... ...

Mølle til savsmuld
Mølle til savsmuld Buehler

Bühler mill 45kw -production up to 1,5T/h. Will be refurbished on the end of the january. All new SKF bearings+SKF bearinghousings. New SKF elastic element. New knives and counterp... ...

Pillekøler-sigte OGM cooler

Pellet cooling tower with sieve el.power-2kw. Height- 4meters. Elevator for lifting pellets to cooler, el.power- 4kw. Munjufgvif Cyclone with integrated fan for cooling and cleanin... ...

Pillepresse Amandus Kahl

For sale Amandus -Kahl model 780-38 pellet press. Needs repair. Motor 110kw. Production was up to 1,5-1,6T/h. New matrize 8mm pellet. With whole electrical cabinet for small pellet... ...

TSF RING pelleteringspresse
TSF RING pelleteringspresse TSF Ring

TSF Ring die pellet machine Automatic bearing lubrication system Cooled differential Bi3h73iudws Air conditioning Control cabinet Efficiency (depends on material) Engine power 35kw... ...

Pallepresser Buehler

2.5 tonnes/hour, 160 kw,2 months of work, new condition, dismantled. Bcybysrf... ...

Produktionslinje til pellets
Produktionslinje til pellets ZEPI ZPM 600

COMPLETE PELLET PRODUCTION LINE 6 t/h Hydraulic walking floors - double for hard and soft wood Conveyor belt 12m with magnetic separator for chips Two hammer mills each 130 kW for ... ...

Udstyr til pelletering og pelleteringsposer
Udstyr til pelletering og pelleteringsposer Essegi / TMG F1000 / Autopal

Essegi F1000 packing machine Sjiglltm TMG palletising and wrapping machine Production capacity up to 6t/h Equipment in very good condition... ...

Pillepresse ZEPI ZPM825

Zepi press with 315kW motors. Very robust and heavy (17t) construction press. Pellet mill was completely refurbished in producers workshop. Lr0dkm0ohx Condition as new. Including... ...

Pillepresse XG 560 XG 560

New pellet mill. High quality, capacity from sawdust 1500-2200 kg/hour. Now it is 2 press available in stock. It is possible to see how it is working in warehouse Lithuania. Ful... ...

Pillepresse Gránit-Mill

We offer for sale the following Gránit-Mill 90 wood pelletizing presses, in the condition shown in the pictures, after the pelletizing plant has ceased operation. The machine is ma... ...

Pillepresse CPM 7900 after complete renovation

Manufacturer: CPM Model: 7900 Electric motor: 250 kW Pellet press - Manufacturer: CPM Bff3yzga0oi - Model: 7900 - Electric motor: 250 kW... ...

Pillemølle (komplet linje) 1-1,6 to/h
Pillemølle (komplet linje) 1-1,6 to/h SZLH420

A working pellet productionsline is for sale . The machine line suitable for the presse of agriculture products( straw, hay, alfalfa etc.). The capacity is between 1000-1600 kg d... ...

Produktionslinje til pellets
Produktionslinje til pellets KAHL 2 t/h

KAHL 2t/h pellet line with: 1. Bunker with hydraulic floors 2. Simon sawdust mill 3. KAHL press 2t/h 4. Pellet coolant 5. Pellet bunker Diwohm7sh 6. Pellet packing 7. Conveyor and... ...