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Toszeg Kft fra Balatonbolglar

Toszeg Kft

Frau Klaudia Kocsmar

Rozsapuszta 0175
8691 Balatonbolglar


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Tószeg Kft
8691 Balatonboglar, Rozsapusza hrsz 0175.
23442454-2-14 HU 23442454
Kocsmár Klaudia

Our company is establised on 2011. It started its production as a family manufacture.
Our main profile is producing plastic bottles, and caps from 200 ml to 15000ml, but we started to distribute machines in 2017. We distribute blow molding, injection mold, filling, capping, labeling, and other type of packing machines. We take care of after service too. We sold 7 pcs filling lines, 2 pcs cap closing machines with cap feeders, 2 pcs injection molding machines and 1 pcs blow molding machine 2 station 1 die head until 1,5 years . We are very serious in selling machines and service them. If you are interested in about our pursuit do not hesitate to contact with us.

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Pelso-PP Anti Corrosive Filling Machine Pelso-PP-12 Heads AC 3rd version
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Pelso-PP Anti Corrosive Filling Machine Pelso-PP-8 Heads AC 3rd version
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Sprøjtestøbning maskine 1000T PM1000
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